Trystan Nolan

A new and Innovative approach to Personal Training

Following my time as an ex athlete combined with a 1st class degree in sports science and a recent MSc in Psychology, I have developed a training system that blends physical and psychological well-being.

I know first-hand what approaches work to get the best out of an individual based on 13 years of worldwide coaching experience reinforced with current Health Psychology research and Sport Science. In a largely under-regulated industry, the emphasis on my approach centres around the core principles of both fields to create a scientifically backed method of training that emphasises balance through the removal of overly strict or rigid diets and unrealistic training regimes.


Completing an MSc in Psychology has given me a deeper understanding of human health behaviours. This has created enhanced training strategies catered to the mind set and ability of each client. The culture at Trystan Nolan Training is to “Empower, Educate and Execute.”

Understanding health behaviours linked to comfort eating, obesity, burnout and depression are crucial in getting you the results you need. Over the last 13 years of working with clients worldwide and conducting my own research as part of my Thesis, I know how failing to address these psychological needs can be the difference between success or failure. You can have the best intentions as a personal trainer, but if your only focus is on the physical needs of your clients, most exercise attempts will be short term at best, ineffective at worst.

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My style of training is suited to the working professional with strict time restraints, high work-loads and busy family demands. I also understand that for some, PT is an expense that cannot be sustained long-term. That is why my system, derived from current health models in psychology first empowers, then educates and finally, executes the sport science approach that maximises lasting results with low injury risk. At this point, a client can hopefully feel confident enough to go it alone if long term coaching is something they cannot sustain.

I am fortunate to have developed lasting relationships with many of my clients, some of whom still train with me after setting up my business in the UK over 7 years ago. I have dedicated my entire career spanning 13 years to provide my clients with the expertise one can only gain from higher education and continuous professional development. Being an expert in a field doesn’t mean convincing others of who you are, instead the results should speak for themselves, in this case my clients.


A new and innovative approach to personal training

Following my background as an ex professional athlete with a 1st class degree in sports science, I have combined my skills, knowledge and experience to produce an effective training system.