About Me

I am a big believer in the saying “knowledge is power” and in terms of health and fitness this is essential to helping a client.

There are thousands of Personal Trainers who have qualified within 8 weeks and will promise you everything and more.



There are also some Trainers who are not even qualified yet take on clients and base their training on how they train themselves, what they read in magazines or watch on YouTube. Would you trust a doctor who had trained in 8 weeks or a surgeon that taught themselves operations by watching videos?

Understanding this, I completed a BSC Hons in Sports Performance to which I graduated with 1st class honours. Throughout my study, I assisted in the delivery of strength and conditioning to the South West England Rugby, Netball and Athletics academies based at Truro College. Some of the athletes I trained have gone on to represent their sport at the highest international level.

I developed a deeper understanding of training high performance athletes from my time at Loughborough University.

I realised to get the best out of yourself physically, the exercises that I once thought delivered everything – did not. Doing weights only gave an aesthetically enhanced physique, but what was the use in that if I couldn’t run 20 metres?! Thanks to our strength and conditioning coach from the English Institute of Sport I realised there was a massive difference to being completely fit rather than just looking it. To galvanise this approach, I travelled to Australia where I worked with renowned specialist UFC Strength and Conditioning coach Cole Smith. His approach confirmed what I already thought to be true, training clients like athletes guarantees long lasting and effective results. Why train to only look good externally if internally you remain unhealthy? I do not train my clients to look good. That is merely a by-product of the training we undergo that focuses on all aspects of physical fitness (Strength, Power, Flexibility and Aerobic endurance).

As part of my continuous professional development I have also completed a Psychology MSc. It is part of the commitment to my clients and myself in extending my knowledge and brand to a professional level. In an industry that is largely viewed as reckless and underregulated, often due to the ease at which qualifications can be attained, my aim is to separate myself from this image entirely and demonstrate that higher education and research provide the backbone to my expertise let alone any other professionally governed field.

Personal Training should never consist of pointless shouting or working a client to a level that is beyond their capabilities. For this reason, I keep sessions on a one to one basis and avoid group training. Whether you are an athlete or not, you should be catered to individually, this cannot be achieved in a group setting with people of different abilities. Instead I turn to a goal-oriented approach which now incorporates my recent learnings in psychology that allow me to connect with my clients on a deeper level. I realise the mind and body are interconnected and without addressing both, getting results can become almost impossible.


A new and innovative approach to personal training

Following my background as an ex professional athlete with a 1st class degree in sports science, I have combined my skills, knowledge and experience to produce an effective training system.