Over the last few years I have gone from being an athlete in sport to essentially what is now a coach.

This previous and current experience is what allows me to consider other peoples wants and needs when consulting them for training.

My accomplishments in my own arena do not necessarily correlate to those of a middle aged woman wanting to lose weight, or an 18 year old professional rugby player. Each one is different and must be treated so.

Second of all, there is no one size fits all. Nowadays PT is moving away from being able to encompass exactly what it states it is (personalised) and has become some sort of distorted ego boost for either budding bodybuilders or avid cross fitters looking to push their own training experience on some unfortunate beginner who knows no different.

Ross Enamait covers this discussion well in his article “observations from the gym” ( whereby he unravels what PT has now become or what to avoid. Ross himself is an ex pro boxer with an intimate knowledge of all training aspects for both fighters and athletes of all sports as well as the everyday individual. Ross motivated my career and is a blueprint (to me) on what encompasses true strength and conditioning.

Not only does he show us simple ways to train at home, but he also inspires us with other peoples examples worldwide, athlete and non athlete alike.

He also backs all his training up himself and doesn’t assume to know everything. He demonstrates great strength, speed, cardiovascular ability and immense dedication in researching new methods almost daily to help his own continued professional development. Not just weights or not just cardio. Everything! As seen here:





If i was trained by or ever had the fortune of meeting him, one of the first things i would want him to know is how much he inspires me and that he makes me want to get the best out of myself.

But isn’t this the point?

So many websites are now filled with more “what I can do for myself i can do to you” as opposed to finding an original idea that will be catered to each individuals needs.

We as coaches can not be one trick ponies that use what we like to do for ourselves in our own time on others, or reinventing a crazy new exercise or one seen on youtube. We must never take centre stage to try and impress our own interests. Instead we have a responsibility to our clients to be knowledgeable in all aspects of health, exercise and programme design.

Altruism: “Disinterested and selfless concern for the well being of others” (Oxford English dictionary.)




A new and innovative approach to personal training

Following my background as an ex professional athlete with a 1st class degree in sports science, I have combined my skills, knowledge and experience to produce an effective training system.