So as we have seen from the previous three blogs we can really put together something that makes a bit of sense for the winter ahead. Being able to keep momentum to whatever your training might be is a must (see last blog) and from the slight menu options I mentioned earlier in the two blogs previous we could try and keep the fat off!

The most important thing to do is to stick to what makes a reasonable diet based on the slow release carbs and avoiding the fatty foods. Comfort food in the dark nights can be had in the form of warming soups with seeds thrown in for good measure and maybe and only maybe one slice of organic bread.

Keeping the fruits high will not only give you your 5 a day but also keep that immune system ticking over and hopefully will prevent you getting some of the worst viruses and flu symptoms that can linger for ages over a winter period.

The following is a nice little H.I.I.T. routine I would suggest trying as it takes only about half an hour to 40 minutes max if done correctly, giving 30 seconds rest between sets:

1. 4 sets x 15 reps Kettlebell swings @ 55% 1 repetition max.

2. 4 x 10 press ups followed by a 30 second max effort row.

3. 4 x 10 Dumbbell snatch (each arm) followed by a 20 second medium paced run on the treadmill.

4. 4 x 15 squat jumps

5. 5 x 20 alternating dynamic lunges followed by a 30 second high intensity cycle on the spin bike/stationary bike with high resistance.

6. 4 x 15 strict sit ups followed immediately by 4 x 20 Russian twists.

This workout should leave you feeling pretty hot and sweaty so long as you stay to strict rest between sets and make sure you give yourself the deadline of a 32-40 minute workout!

As you find these workouts getting easier change up the order of exercises or take some of the easier ones out and add some more challenging movements in.

With winter fast approaching you can’t be more ready than after reading these little series of blogs that I have written throughout October. It will even give you time to have a life outside of training and more importantly (for me anyway), let you get back to the family for a snuggled up night in front of the fire watching the best of whatever new series are around!!




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