Sarah-Jane Boyd

Adidas Sponsored Professional Golfer

I came to Trystan with a view to taking my training to next level. I am a professional golfer trying to become the best I can be in my sport. In my amateur career, I won the Ladies County championships, South West championships and the British and English Amateur championships. I also won the England Ladies Order of Merit the year I turned pro and represented England Ladies on over 40 occasions.

A year down the line and training with him has helped me in more ways than one. Firstly, I am fitter than ever before, due to the relentless drive and enthusiasm he brings to every single session. His deep knowledge of sports science based on his degree has got me training smarter than before, with very specific golf posture movements incorporated into every strength and power session. He condenses what would have been a 1.5 hour workout for me into 45 mins which is more time efficient and ultimately more productive! And boy do I feel it! Secondly, his background in psychology has helped me understand more about difficult situations I encounter on the golf course and how to react to them, and well as to situations in life in general.

Finally, training with Trystan is productive and fun. Whilst he demands high standards and the best out of me, we have a laugh along the way and I couldn’t ask for a better trainer. I have recently been sponsored by Adidas. Things are going in the right direction and I owe a lot of my thanks to my new program and training with Trystan.

Jeremy Harris


I first came across Trystan through an old friend who I hadn’t seen for for some time and was seriously impressed how healthy and fit he had become. He mentioned training with Trystan and how it had transformed his attitude to health and fitness as well, as losing several stone in weight!

After that Trystan’s name kept coming up and in Dec. 2015 I contacted Trystan and sat down with him, discussed where I was fitness wise (nowhere!) and what I wanted to achieve. Apart from the usual goals of weight loss, toned muscles and fitness, I specifically wanted to achieve this in relation to climbing as I was falling back in this and really wanted to up my game here.

We agreed to start training and I cant recommend him highly enough. Very rapid results both in weight loss, overall fitness and strength in 10 weeks. I cant say it was easy, it wasn’t, but it was enjoyable as you soon realise you are working with someone who is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about what he does and if you commit yourself then results are guaranteed. The results were visible and very encouraging within 2 weeks

It is as simple as that.

I have always been sports minded but 18 mths later and I am fitter and stronger than in my 20’s and 30’s.
The relationship has continued as the sessions are rewarding, focused and varied and results orientated.
I recently went back to Yosemite in Oct 2016 and climbed better, harder and with more focus and endurance than I ever have there – all down to the confidence from the mental and physical fitness improvements from training with Trystan.



As a GP I know the value of a healthy diet and lifestyle and I have always tried to keep myself relatively fit and slim, mainly through running. Despite this, three years ago I had a stroke out of the blue, thought to be the result of a ‘minor’ head injury while skiing. My balance was affected, and although I had almost completely recovered, I had lost a lot of optimism regarding my future health. Turning 50 was the catalyst to seek professional help. I realized that I would start losing muscle and bone strength, which would compound my other problems.

Trystan’s scientific background meant that he had an immediate understanding of my situation. He wasn’t daunted by the challenge and I had complete trust in his knowledge and experience. He designed an individual and continually evolving program, which has rebuilt my strength and core stability, and my endurance has improved to the extent that I am now running distance events, including half marathons, in times that I am very happy with.

Most importantly however; by encouraging me to focus on what I can achieve, rather than what I can’t, Trystan has restored my confidence in my body and my health.



“Trystan is known locally in sporting circles for his nutritional and training advice. I have used him this season for nutritional support in optimising my performance both in training and match preparation. His knowledge of this area is vast making his input into my training invaluable.”



Dean is now at his lowest weight ever since losing over 10 stone! He’s changed his lifestyle from one of comfort eating and depressive type behaviors to a healthier lifestyle that involves training regularly when away from Cornwall in pursuing his acting career. His newly found confidence has lead to him winning a role in the movie “Pan” and after many years looking for love, he is now in a loving relationship. I’m so pleased to see him so happy.




When Mike first came to me he was really lacking in confidence, despite being Head of operations for successful Furniture company. Mike has been fantastic to work with and has seen huge gains in not only his physical appearance, but his confidence too. This has led to improvements in his both personal and business life.

Being in better shape has given him an improved productivity and focus at work meaning he now has a much better work/life balance. He is now in a happy relationship for the first time and the business has grown from a small warehouse to being one of the biggest furniture suppliers in the county



Jo has shed more than just a few pounds. Up until working with me she was known as work as ‘Joan the moan’, but not any more. A positive mood change has led to depressive types of behavior like comfort eating and consistent moaning, being cured.

She has found herself with more energy at work and now she has a greater understanding of the advice needed to give to obese patients better as she has gone through it herself.



Lily used to be 18.5 stone, but is now a size 12. She feels less depressed, is fitter and has lost the insecurity she once had due to her size and shape.

Before her size meant that she ran the risk of not being able to have children, now she is a mother to a beautiful 1 year old. Losing the weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle has helped at work in her role as practice manager as she’s fitter than she’s ever been.

I’m so proud of her, she has overcome huge mental barriers to training either due to low self esteem, intimidation from going to a gym on her own and having bad experiences when she was younger.

“I Couldn’t recommend Trystan enough, wish i met him years ago!”



Derek came to me depressed due to his high-pressure job in law, but now he feels so much happier. Since his retirement he has become fitter, can now sleep better (after averaging only 2-4 hours per night) and believes he can do so much more.


A new and innovative approach to personal training

Following my background as an ex professional athlete with a 1st class degree in sports science, I have combined my skills, knowledge and experience to produce an effective training system.