Sometimes in life we struggle to gain that momentum we once had or an unexpected event comes along that changes your whole routine or even your life.

Over the years I’ve trained so many people who have lost their way (sometimes through no fault of their own) for one reason or another.

When this happens it is important to take a step back and look at how or where it began. In all of my consultations I ask ‘what has made you get in touch with me?’ Usually the reply is an honest answer and for the most part it is this motivation that sees a client successfully achieve their target along with all the right guidance from me, physically and nutritionally.

The question i put to you is this; how much do you take for granted?

I don’t take anything for granted, as we all don’t know what tomorrow brings. I live each day like it’s the last so there are no regrets. I learned this early on after a rugby team I was playing for took a flight to enter a rugby tournament in Bali. I had to pull out last minute and the consequences vexed me to the point of frustration, as I’d be missing out on playing in it and being part of the team.

The boys did well and on the second day they were winning their pool. The next morning I phoned to see how my teammate was getting on only to get put through to voicemail. After trying the whole day I realized something wasn’t right and only then I tweaked that he (and 5 other team mates) had been killed in the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11, the Bali bombing in Kuta.

My life flashed before me and what i had left was anger, sadness, guilt and uncertainty. I was confused and to say the least, bitter.

Over the years it took a lot to get it together and what made me realize I had to make a difference to my own life instead of drowning in the guilt was to appreciate everything I have. Only when I did this I could realize my potential and put that entire trauma to some good use.

Training became my escape. Without it I didn’t feel alive and my motivation would surely have dwindled if I didn’t stop to be grateful for all I had after narrowly escaping with my own life years before. Yes there were days I didn’t want to train, yes there were days I would have happily stayed in bed moping, but what was this pain compared to that of the grief that the boys families had and above all, the loss of life across the board. 202 lives in total.

If we lived in the now and didn’t look too much into the future or past we could simply focus on ourselves, right here, right now, being totally focused on nothing else.

Last week I was crushed to hear of the sudden death of a sporting hero of mine. Jerry Collins was by far the most formidable back rower of his time. Known for his intimidating and physical presence on the field and charisma off it, his respect was worldwide. When I found out that he died in a sudden car crash along with his wife I was shocked to the very core. 34 years old and suddenly not here, the only legacy left being his 3 month old daughter who managed to survive but remains critical.

This brought up old feelings of how I may have been taking things for granted again. Not realizing everything I should be happy about. I was humbled immediately.

Whatever is stopping you from making that change to your life I challenge you to take it head on and see that success is on the other side of failure. Do what you have never done before and don’t hold back. If your sick of being the same weight, change it. If you want to become healthier, start now! Because you never know what’s coming, and you must never have regrets. Don’t wait for something to magically come to you because it won’t. You have to want that change and that change must come from you.




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Following my background as an ex professional athlete with a 1st class degree in sports science, I have combined my skills, knowledge and experience to produce an effective training system.