Over the years I have moved away from training certain types of people who think that by just having a trainer they somehow become fitter and healthier without having to put any effort in. They then say they aren’t seeing any results.

If you consider that for a moment you can see why it is important to be more fulfilled than doing pointless tasks if our heart isn’t in it and our reasons behind doing so are empty. There must be a purpose to everything we do. If not, we are just plodding through life unaware of any deeper self realisation of what truly matters.

We live in an increasingly demanding world where often our own purpose and understanding of what we want can suffer dramatically due to extrinsic goals; money, cars, materialistic gain.

After only reading some of the book “Legacy”, by James Kerr, you immediately can see how a winning formula isn’t just wanting something. It is wanting something because you believe in it. That something can be achieved by having intrinsic values. It is truly believing in WHY you are doing it!

In our obsession to become materialistically better off we over look our inner self to ask why we are doing it? This is often to the detriment of our family life, relationships and most of all health.

Why we are doing it? Why we are in this place and why are we striving so hard?

As Maslow pointed out. We have a hierarchy of needs once our extrinsic goals are reached. If the goals are for financial gain then ultimately this will burn out once you have achieved what you want. At this point the earth shattering thought of how pointless our life has become emerges as there is nothing left to achieve. There is no soulful purpose to wanting to be better off as money can’t buy you happiness.

In training athletes and clients I often look at why they are seeing me. If it is because they truly believe in winning and doing this for a greater purpose, the results always look after themselves.

This is what Kerr found when looking at how the greatest sporting team ever turned itself around after nearly imploding due to the wrong reasons for winning and playing the sport.

There needed to be a purpose from inside ones self of why they were doing this. A winning mentality comes from the want to do something greater for you. That comes from within and you have to search deep inside yourself to find that purpose.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar




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